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Western Blotting

Now you can buy Lumigen ECL Plus and Lumigen ECL Ultra directly from the original manufacturer.
western blotting glow beaker
You’ve been using our chemiluminescent Western Blotting reagents for years (and you probably didn’t even know it). See the light!

As one of the world’s largest supplier of proprietary chemiluminescent reagents to the clinical immunodiagnostics market, our reagents are  currently used in over A BILLION tests per year. Lumigen’s chemiluminescent Western blotting reagents have become the industry standard in innovative learning institutions and life science research organizations.  Chemistry that brings meaning to light!

Lumigen ECL Plus utilizes a unique technology for the chemiluminescent detection of HRP conjugates. The process, which provides superior sensitivity and ease of use, involves the enzymatic generation of acridinium esters. Reaction of the acridan substrate with an HRP label generates thousands of acridinium ester intermediates per minute which react with peroxide at alkaline pH to produce sustained high-intensity chemiluminescence.  >Learn more about Lumigen ECL Plus

Lumigen ECL Ultra is a novel substrate for the chemiluminescent detection of peroxidase conjugates on membranes. Reaction of the substrate with an HRP label generates sustained luminescence of the highest intensity.  A unique feature of Lumigen TMA-6 is its superior stability. Unlike any other chemiluminescent peroxidase substrate, the working solution is stable at room temperature for at least three weeks and at 4°C for at least four months.  > Learn more about Lumigen ECL Ultra

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