Lumigen ECL Extra

Western Blotting HRP Substrate

Lumigen ECL Extra (TMA-3) is a proprietary acridan based chemiluminescent substrate for highly sensitive detection of Western blotted and ELISA captured proteins that are bound to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labeled antibodies.

  • Very rapid onset of chemiluminescence - images can be recorded in seconds
  • Excellent sensitivity - low picogram to mid femtogram
  • Reduced antibody usage - more than 10-fold reduction in the usage of expensive antibody conjugates
  • Temperature insensitive - analytical results are insensitive to temperatures from 22° C - 35° C reducing the need for precise temperature control
  • Sustained signal duration - over several hours allows convenient imaging

Stable Working Solution

A significant feature of Lumigen ECL Extra is its excellent stability. Unlike most other chemiluminescent peroxidase substrates, the working solution is stable at room temperature for at least one week and at 2-8° C for at least one month. With this stability, the working solution can be prepared and stored for later use.

Rapid Peak Intensity

Reaction of the substrate with HRP enzyme generates rapid luminescence of very high intensity within seconds. Peak intensity of light emission occurs at 440 nm.

ecl extra

ecl extra

Lumigen ECL Extra is available in 100 mL and 1 Liter volumes. Visit the Lumigen store to purchase on-line.

Detection Technology


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Product Specifications

Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
Western Blotting and ELISA
Low picogram to mid femtogram
Storage Conditions: 
2-8° C; Store in amber bottle to protect from light
1 year stored at 2-8° C
Working Solution: 
1:1 mix of A and B solutions

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Lumigen ECL Extra (100 mL)
Lumigen ECL Extra (1L)