Lumi-Phos Plus

Blotting AP Substrate

Lumi-Phos Plus is a novel, ready-to-use chemiluminescent reagent formulation containing the alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrate, Lumigen PPD and a patented enhancer. Lumi-Phos Plus provides highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection of AP with DNA probes or antibody conjugates in solution and on solid supports such as membranes. This reagent is recommended for either direct chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase (AP) labeled nucleic acids or indirectly to detect hapten-labeled nucleic acids probed with specific anti-hapten antibodies conjugated with AP on a Southern blot membrane or any other solid surface.

  • Excellent sensitivity – single copy gene detection
  • High intensity light production with low background
  • Sustained luminescence - with low concentrations of AP, the light intensity remains constant for several hours
  • High stability and long shelf life

Solution Kinetics

Lumi-Phos Plus has a significantly higher signal to background ratio than Lumi-Phos 530 due to its lower reagent background. Lumi-Phos Plus reaches 90% of maximum light output approximately 27 minutes after introduction of enzyme in homogeneous assays at 37° C. Light emission is maximal at 470 nm.

Blotting AP Substrate

Lumi-Phos Plus

Lumi-Phos Plus
Lumi-Phos Plus is available in 100 mL and 1 Liter volumes. Visit the Lumigen store to purchase on-line.

Detection Technology


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Product Specifications

Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)
Southern and Northern Blotting, Dot Blots, cDNA Arrays, Colony and Plaque Probing
Single copy gene detection on genomic Southern blot
Storage Conditions: 
2-8° C; Store in amber bottle to protect from light
2 years stored at 2-8° C
Working Solution: 
Ready to use solution

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Lumi-Phos Plus (100 mL)
Lumi-Phos Plus (1 L)