Lumi-Phos 530

ELISA AP Substrate

Lumi-Phos 530 is a ready-to-use chemiluminescent reagent formulation containing the alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrate, Lumigen PPD. Lumi-Phos 530 is useful for chemiluminescent detection of AP conjugates in immunoassays and DNA probe assays. It provides ultrasensitive detection of analytes captured on magnetic particles and in microtiter plate wells. Lumi-Phos 530 is 10,000 times more sensitive than colorimetric substrates in solution. 

  • Excellent sensitivity - low picogram to femtogram
  • Sustained luminescence - with low concentrations of AP, the light intensity remains constant for several hours
  • Linear calibration curves - the luminescence intensity at any time point is a direct measure of the concentration of the enzyme
  • High stability and long shelf life

Chemiluminescent Enhancement

A unique co-surfactant system promotes and enhances energy-transfer to the fluorescent head groups causing the generation of luminescence with a broad emission maximum at 530 nm.

ELISA substrate

Lumi-Phos 530

Lumi-Phos 530
Lumi-Phos 530 is available in 100 mL and 1 Liter volumes. Visit the Lumigen store to purchase on-line.

Detection Technology


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Product Specifications

Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)
Microtiter well and bead-based ELISA assays
Low picogram to femtogram
Storage Conditions: 
2-8° C; Store in amber bottle to protect from light
2 years stored at 2-8° C
Working Solution: 
Ready to use solution

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Lumi-Phos 530 (100 mL)
Lumi-Phos 530 (1 L)