Lumigen® produces a range of chemiluminescent reagents for use in standard applications including Western Blotting, Southern Blotting and ELISA. Lumigen also produces novel chemiluminescent reagents which can be adapted for a wide range of applications including direct detection of hydrogen peroxide and proximity based homogenous immunoassays. To download the Lumigen Product Catalog, click here.

Western Blotting

Lumigen ECL western blotting reagents have been developed for the chemiluminescent detection of horseradish peroxidase on membranes. Lumigen ECL Plus affords up to 20 times more sensitivity than Luminol and is the industry standard Western Blotting reagent. Lumigen ECL Ultra represents a new class of chemiluminescent detection reagents providing up to 1000 times more sensitivity than ECL Plus in Western blotting applications. 

Lumigen ECL Plus - 10-17 moles sensitivity
Lumigen ECL Ultra - 10-20 moles sensitivity


Lumigen has a range of high quality reagents for ELISA with both Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) and Horeseradish Peroxidase (HRP) detection.

Alkaline Phosphatase
Lumi-Phos® 530 and Lumi-Phos Plus are ready-to-use reagents for the detection of alkaline phosphatase, ideal for ELISA assays. Lumigen APS-5 utilizes a unique technology for the chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase conjugates and provides superior sensitivity and ease of use with unsurpassed speed for detecting alkaline phosphatase in solution assays and in blotting applications. 

Lumigen APS-5 - Fast
Lumi-Phos 530 - Robust
Lumi-Phos Plus - Sensitive

Horseradish Peroxidase
Lumi-Phos HRP represents a new class of chemiluminescent detection reagents for rapid detection of peroxidase and peroxidase conjugates. Reaction of Lumi-Phos HRP with peroxidase in solution produces immediate high plateau intensity chemiluminescence with sub-attomole sensitivity in enzyme-linked immunoassays and DNA probe assays.

Lumi-Phos HRP

Homogenous Immunoassay
Lumigen SPARCL® is a homogeneous close proximity assay technology utilizing flash chemiluminescence detection and eliminating solid support, wash steps and separation of bound from unbound analytes to allow completion of assays in less than 30 minutes. SPARCL can be automated and adapted for multiple applications including ELISA, protein-protein interactions and high throughput binding assays.

Lumigen SPARCL

Hydrogen Peroxide Detection 

Lumigen HyPerBlu® is a novel substrate for the direct chemiluminescent detection of hydrogen peroxide. Reaction of the substrate with hydrogen peroxide rapidly generates sustained high intensity luminescence for maximum detection sensitivity in solution assays. Couple with oxidases, HyPerBlu allows one step indirect detection of oxidases or their substrates.

Lumigen HyPerBlu