Lumi-Phos HRP

ELISA HRP Substrate

Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto) is a proprietary acridan based chemiluminescent substrate for ELISA detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugated molecules. Lumi-Phos HRP couples a broad dynamic range with rapid generation of sustained luminescence.

  • Excellent sensitivity - low picogram to femtogram
  • Rapid peak intensity - reduced assay time and increased throughput
  • Sustained luminescence - timing is less critical
  • Temperature insensitive - analytical results are insensitive to temperatures from 22° C - 35° C reducing the need for precise temperature control.

Stable Working Solution

An important and unique feature of Lumi-Phos HRP is its extended storage stability. The working solution prepared by 1:1 mixing of aqueous solutions A and B is stable for at least one month at 2-8° C and for at least one week at room temperature allowing the working solution to be stored and used on an injectable luminometer.

Rapid Peak Intensity

Reaction of the substrate with HRP enzyme rapidly generates sustained high-intensity chemiluminescence within seconds. Light emission is maximal at 450 nm.

lumi-phos hrp

horseradish peroxidase

Lumi-Phos HRP
Lumi-Phos HRP is available in 100 mL and 1 Liter volumes. Visit the Lumigen store to purchase on-line.

Detection Technology


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Product Specifications

Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
Low picogram to femtogram
Storage Conditions: 
2-8° C; Store in amber bottle to protect from light
1 year stored at 2-8° C
Working Solution: 
1:1 mix of aqueous A and B solutions

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Lumi-Phos HRP (100 mL)
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